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Submitting a manuscript

All Ginninderra Press title go through an editorial selection and review process; only a small proportion of title is accepted for publication. Where relevant, evidence of peer review is expected. Previous publication is looked on favourably but is not essential.

We do not accept electronic submissions – hard-copy submissions only are considered.

We do not accept manuscripts from writers resident outside Australia.

We are not accepting novels at present.

We are not publishing children's books at present.

Non-fiction We favour a focus on matters of social, cultural or political concern. Previous publication is not essential. Maximum word limit is 80,000.

Fiction We welcome collections of stories. Previous publication is not essential. We look for manuscripts that are socially aware, combining emotional impact with convincing storytelling. Maximum word limit is 60,000. We are not accepting novels at present.

Poetry We look for manuscripts that combine emotional impact with arresting imagery. Social awareness is also looked on favourably. Previous publication is not essential.


Electronic or hard copy? Complete manuscripts should be submitted in hard-copy form – email submissions are not accepted.

Presentation Matters such as font size and spacing are left to authors' discretion.

Waiting time It may take up to eight weeks before a decision is made whether or not to make an offer to publish. Manuscripts that are not accompanied by a stamped, addressed envelope may not be returned.

Production time It usually takes at least twelve months from the acceptance of a manuscript to the date of publication.

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Benefits of being published by Ginninderra Press

– widely respected, award-winning imprint established in 1996
– access to worldwide sales channels (including Amazon and Book Depository)
– inclusion on the Ginninderra Press website
– marketing support and advice, including free colour flyer/order forms and launch invitations
– opportunities to participate in events exclusive to Ginninderra Press authors (such as readings and forums, as well as special projects like The Heart of Port Adelaide, Collecting Writers, First Refuge, Wild, Mountain Secrets, I Protest!, Milestones and the Pocket Poets series).

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